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There are various types of functional fabrics, just like our bedding fabrics, so people are already very familiar with this fabric in real life. At present, the common functional fabrics mainly include quick-drying fabrics, UV-resistant fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, windproof polar fleece fabrics, and polar fleece fabrics. In addition, it is also said that functional fabrics include flame-retardant fabrics and color-changing fabrics. Super waterproof fabrics, antistatic fabrics, thermal fabrics, waterproof and breathable functional fabrics, etc.

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Welcome to Changxing Jincheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd. We are a professional manufacturer of 100% polyester microfiber fabrics with solid colors, printed and embossed fabrics. As Polyester Functional Fabric Manufacturers and Factory in China, We produce bedding sets, ultrasonic quilted fabric and comforter sets according to customers' requirement.


We have a quality inspection team to strictly control the product quality.


After years of development, we have rich experience in the textile fabric industry.


Our annual production capacity is already more than 300 000 00 meters.


Obtained OEKO-TEX 100 standard to meet most of the Europe customers.

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We are a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sales of fabrics in China. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have our own textile factory, sewing factory, clyeing factory etc., we strictly control the production process and quality of the products to ensure that the products are free of any defects.

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Industry Knowledge

What is the definition of Polyester Functional Fabric?

In the realm of textiles, functional fabrics have become integral to our daily lives, offering a myriad of benefits ranging from quick-drying capabilities to UV resistance. 
Understanding Functional Fabrics:
Functional fabrics are engineered textiles that go beyond the conventional properties of clothing materials. They are designed to provide additional functionalities, catering to specific needs and preferences. The given information highlights several common types of functional fabrics, each tailored to address distinct requirements.
Quick-drying fabrics, UV-resistant fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, windproof polar fleece fabrics, flame-retardant fabrics, and color-changing fabrics are among the notable examples. This diverse array of functional fabrics underscores the innovative strides made in the textile industry to meet the evolving demands of consumers.
Polyester Functional Fabric: Unveiling the Definition:
Polyester functional fabric, a stalwart in the world of textiles, is characterized by its unique composition and versatile properties. Polyester, a synthetic fiber known for its durability and resilience, forms the foundation of this functional fabric. The integration of specific additives and technologies during the manufacturing process imparts additional functionalities to polyester, making it a sought-after choice for various applications.
Common Attributes of Polyester Functional Fabric:
Quick-drying Capability: Polyester functional fabric often incorporates moisture-wicking properties, ensuring rapid evaporation of sweat and moisture. This feature is particularly advantageous in activewear and outdoor clothing, enhancing comfort during physical activities.
UV Resistance: The polyester base of the fabric inherently provides UV resistance, offering protection against harmful sun rays. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor apparel, ensuring both style and sun safety.
Waterproof and Breathable: Polyester functional fabric can be engineered to be both waterproof and breathable. This dual functionality is crucial in outdoor gear, ensuring protection against the elements while allowing ventilation to prevent overheating.
Versatility: Polyester functional fabric is highly adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From sportswear to outerwear, its versatility allows for the creation of garments that seamlessly blend functionality with style.
Durability: Leveraging the inherent durability of polyester, functional fabrics made from this material exhibit longevity, making them a sustainable choice in the long run.
In conclusion, Polyester Functional Fabric represents a pinnacle in textile innovation, offering a blend of durability, versatility, and specialized functionalities. As consumers continue to seek clothing solutions that cater to their dynamic lifestyles, the significance of functional fabrics, particularly polyester functional fabric, is poised to grow. The convergence of technology and textile engineering ensures that these fabrics not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern consumers.
Whether it's the quick-drying capability for active individuals or the UV resistance for sun-conscious consumers, polyester functional fabric continues to redefine the parameters of what clothing can achieve. As we navigate an era of heightened awareness regarding the environmental impact of our choices, the durability and adaptability of polyester functional fabric position it as a sustainable and forward-thinking choice in the evolving landscape of functional textiles.