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Embossed fabric is the use of pressure to form special patterns on the surface of composite materials, adding some decoration to the fabric. The beauty of embossed fabrics is much higher than ordinary fabrics. The fabric is treated with wool and embossing, which makes it more fashionable and beautiful, and the comfort and beauty of the fabric are very good. Not only does the surface have a layer of short fleece feeling, but also the surface embossing treatment. Embossed fabric has a sense of fashion. All of them are made of 100 count polyester fabric as the backing, which is delicate, soft and comfortable, especially suitable for producing home textiles.

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Welcome to Changxing Jincheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd. We are a professional manufacturer of 100% polyester microfiber fabrics with solid colors, printed and embossed fabrics. As Polyester Embossed Fabric  Manufacturers and Factory in China, We produce bedding sets, ultrasonic quilted fabric and comforter sets according to customers' requirement.


We have a quality inspection team to strictly control the product quality.


After years of development, we have rich experience in the textile fabric industry.


Our annual production capacity is already more than 300 000 00 meters.


Obtained OEKO-TEX 100 standard to meet most of the Europe customers.

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We are a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sales of fabrics in China. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have our own textile factory, sewing factory, clyeing factory etc., we strictly control the production process and quality of the products to ensure that the products are free of any defects.

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Industry knowledge

Polyester embossed fabric is a type of polyester fabric that has a raised or textured pattern on its surface. This pattern is created using a process called embossing, which involves applying heat and pressure to the fabric to create a raised design. The embossed design can be a variety of shapes, such as geometric patterns, floral motifs, or abstract designs, and it can be used to add visual interest and texture to the fabric.

Embossed polyester fabrics can be made using a variety of methods, including roller embossing, heat embossing, and laser embossing. Roller embossing involves passing the fabric through a set of rollers with raised designs, which press the design into the fabric. Heat embossing involves applying heat and pressure to the fabric using a heated press, which creates a raised design. Laser embossing uses a laser to etch the design onto the fabric, which creates a raised pattern.

Polyester embossed fabric is popular in clothing and home décor due to its unique texture and visual appeal. It can be used in a variety of applications, including upholstery, curtains, bedding, and clothing. It is also durable, easy to care for, and resistant to wrinkles, making it a popular choice for many applications.

How Embossed polyester fabrics can be made?

Embossed polyester fabrics can be made using various methods, including:

    Roller embossing: This method involves passing the fabric through a set of rollers with raised designs. The rollers press the design into the fabric, creating a raised pattern.

    Heat embossing: In this method, heat and pressure are applied to the fabric using a heated press. The heat and pressure create a raised design on the surface of the fabric.

    Laser embossing: This method uses a laser to etch the design onto the surface of the fabric. The laser creates a raised pattern by removing the fibers from the fabric.

These methods are all effective in creating an embossed pattern on polyester fabric, and each method may be preferred depending on the desired final result, production requirements, and available equipment.